3 Ways to Capture the Holidays Beautifully with Your Phone

The holiday season is here, and while the majority of us are scrambling trying to get last minute gifts and Googling “Holiday Hosting for Dummies”, there are also those who prioritize one thing – taking photos. If you are one of these people *like me*, this blog is for you.

Honestly, I, like many others on social media, see Insta-famous bloggers and their picture perfect posts and get a small case of FOMO. I too would like to capture the festivities around me in a beautiful way, but I don’t have $500 camera equipment, photography skills or stunning cinematography dream-like scenery around me.

Rather than sulking in a corner about how dull my existence may seem, I decided to look into ways I could transform my iPhone photography skills just in time to capture all of the holiday magic.


1. Avoid Staging. Easier said than done, but rather than gathering everyone up for a few unnatural group shots, try only pulling your phone out when a good moment is happening. Capturing real life moments can make a photograph so much more special and often turns out better when others don’t know they’re being photographed (just don’t go around taking pictures of people without consent because, well.. it’s obvious).


2. Change your perspective. So often we only think to take pictures of the obvious; family members, the dog, etc. You’d be surprised by how many hidden gems you can find around you that can turn into a beautiful photograph. My tip: take a picture of that ugly ornament you made when you were 5 that makes your whole family laugh. If it ever gets misplaced or broken, you’ll have a keepsake forever!


3. Tell a story. You have a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in your den. Who decorated it? How did it get there? Where did it come from? These are all questions that can be answered through a sequence of photos that take you on a journey. Embrace every moment: the good, the bad and the ugly, to make your photos a little extra unique.


Here’s a final tip from me: if you’re planning on taking any photos this holiday season, the Kwilt app is perfect for storing, editing and organizing all of your memories in one place.