Kwilt2 vs Kwilt3 – Which Kwilt Device is Right for You?

 With the recent launch of the Kwilt2 and Kwilt3, you may be wondering which device is right for you. While both the K2 and K3 have benefits for most users, certain users may get more out of one than the other.  

Complete the quiz below and tally up your points to determine which device is best suited for your life!

My mobile/camera is filled with pictures and videos. 

1 – Sometimes      – Always 


I get the full storage message when I’m trying to take a picture or video.  

1 – I’ve seen it once or twice     – It seems to never go away 


I think about upgrading my storage plan for more room on my phone.  

1 – Sometimes     – Always      3 – I already have 


Digital privacy is important to me. 

1 – Somewhat     2 – Of course! 


I offload photos and videos to my computer to make room on my mobile/memory card. 

1 – Sometimes      2 – Always 


My phone is the primary device I take pictures and videos with.  

1 – Yes! It works perfectly      – I bounce back and forth between devices  


I own a DSLR camera/GoPro/Drone and use it often.  

1 – No      2 – Yes 


I have multiple memory sticks/hard drives on the go.  

– No      2 – Yes 


I would consider myself an amateur photographer.  

– No      – Maybe/Not sure      3 – That’s me!  


I currently have a cloud subscription or am looking into one.

– No      – Yes


I currently have a cloud subscription and am looking for an alternative.   

– No      – I’m open to it      3 – Yes, I’m on the hunt!  

11 – 17 Points – Kwilt2 is the device for you! Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your storage, or you already have and are looking for a cheaper alternative. Maybe you’re an amateur photographer, or just love taking your GoPro out occasionally. Maybe you already own a Kwilt Shoebox and want to experiment with a more powerful, up-to-date device. With a 16GB USB memory card and 4 USB 2.0 ports, the Kwilt2 is the perfect device to keep your all your devices ready for unlimited photos & videos. It also doesn’t hurt that all your photos & videos will be saved to your own private cloud at home.  


18 – 25 Points – It’s time for you to get a Kwilt3! The most powerful, high-speed device released, the Kwilt3 is going to be a lifesaver for you on every journey you embark on. With 1 USB 3.0 port and 3 USB 2.0 ports, a 32GB memory stick, and the most speed and power to-date, the Kwilt3 is going to be your best friend for offloading and accessing all of your unlimited photos & videos from all of your devices. For those who have previously owned a Kwilt device, just think of it as the Kwilt Plus on steroids.    


Let us end off by saying that both the K2 and the K3 are great options for anyone who’s looking for a seamless, affordable way to offload and access photos & videos privately. You don’t need to be a pro photographer with thousands of files to love the K3, and the K2 is great for all kinds of users! If you have more questions about either device, check out our FAQ page or email support at