Where Will You Store a Lifetime Worth of Your Digital Photos and Videos?

Everyone from photography experts, enthusiasts, mom’s, teenagers and even Grandma produces countless amounts of photos and videos from their phones, drones, DSLR  and action cameras. But the question remains, where will you store your digital photos over your lifetime?

They need to be saved and preserved somewhere safe and accessible so that you can access and share them anytime on any platform. Our lives are increasingly mobile and nobody has time to dig out their external hard drive to find that one particular photo that you took three years ago. These USB drives and hard drives are yesterday’s photo storage, it’s time for something new. You want your photos to be easily and quickly found to match your mobile lifestyle.

Going by that logic, the “easiest” solution that comes to mind is cloud storage. It seems great from the start by offering you an easy way to store your photos by paying monthly but this business model will never stand the test of time. Do you really see yourself paying for monthly cloud storage for the rest of your life? Not to sound morbid but….who will pay for that storage after you’re gone? Will it be left to family and friends to pay for your photo storage?

If the sheer cost alone of paying for monthly cloud storage over the next 40-60 years of your life doesn’t make you cringe maybe your privacy concerns will. The privacy concerns related to delegating very personal items to be stored by a third party somewhere in the world with unlimited rights to your content does not fly. Who knows who’s seeing our photos and what they can do with them!

Lastly, if you find yourself hoarding old devices simply to be able to access your old photos and videos when you may need them, it may be time to find a more permanent and less risky solution. Keeping our precious memories on a phone is totally impractical: what do you do when you run out of storage? Phone storage is the most expensive form of data storage and is far from unlimited. What do you do when you lose your phone or when you break it or when it gets stolen? All of us has or will experience this in our lifetime at least once. What do you do when you replace your phone? Most of us do it every two years. Your junk drawer is going to get pretty full at that rate.

What if there was a way to store, preserve, access and share your precious photos and videos all from the privacy of your own home? What is the solution to this very real problem of photo storage? We believe that the answer is Kwilt. By enabling our USB drives at home to be securely accessed from anywhere in the world on any device, Kwilt offers the best of both worlds. Combining both the access and scalability of cloud storage with the privacy and control that home storage offers means that you never have to worry about the safety of your memories ever again. Not having to pay monthly fees is also a major WIN!