Once your Kwilt device has been turned on (for the Shoebox Mini, a green light should appear underneath device. For the Shoebox Plus model, a red light will appear on the side of the device. For the Kwilt2 and Kwilt3, a blue light will appear on the side of the device), allow 5 minutes to pass before attempting to connect your device to your Wi-Fi.

If your device still cannot be located at this step, go to your mobile Wi-Fi settings and look for an unsecured network (no password required) called “Kwilt Shoebox” or “Kwilt”. If you see this network, connect to it and return to the Kwilt app. Your setup will resume and you can follow the on-screen instructions.

During setup you will be asked to select the Wi-Fi network that you wish to connect your Kwilt to. Once you have selected the desired network and have entered its password, Kwilt will connect and your mobile will switch back to that network. You will then be prompted to name your Kwilt device and assign a password to it. The password is a security convenience that allows you to protect your content on your network and ensure that nobody can access it at home or remotely without your consent.