My Kwilt Story – Eric

Who am I?

My name is Eric Dubois, and I’m a 26-year-old living in Ottawa, Canada. I work in a field that requires me to be constantly on the move, talking to new faces and creating different connections every day. My girlfriend and I spend our free weekends in MTL or TO, checking out new Airbnb’s, places to eat and managing our dog’s Instagram account. I’m not kidding.  

I never used to care about my photos until I met my partner. Her love of capturing every moment made me realize how precious memories really are. I live a busy life and am always on the go. Above all, as I get older I’d like to be able to look back on years’ worth of special moments with her; whether that be on my iPhone, computer, or whatever new technology will be around then… possibly an implant in my head? Who knows.

My Kwilt Experience

Through her, I learnt about Kwilt. She originally had a Kwilt Shoebox at home and eventually, I began relying on it a lot. iPhone users will know the struggle when I say I would see the “Storage Almost Full” message far too often.  

My favourite thing about Kwilt is that I can easily store all my pictures while making room for more. A year ago, I would have deleted them straight off my phone, maybe posting one on social media. Now I can store pictures and keep everything safe with Kwilt.

I’ve learnt that just because these mementos are digital, it doesn’t mean that I should take them for granted.